RVB6030 Vertical Baler

Vertical Baler

Bale size:

60" W x 30" H x 42" D

Designed for the baling of your recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastic

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Go Green and Save Costs with ROVERPAC’s RVB6030 Vertical Baler – The Powerful and Reliable Waste Management Solution

The ROVERPAC RVB6030 vertical baler boasts unparalleled compaction power, producing bales of recyclable materials up to 60 inches long. It has been ROVERPAC’s flagship product for many years and operates over 500 units across Canada and the US. Its exceptional strength and compaction ratio allow for the reduction of significant amounts of cardboard, recyclables, and plastic film, reducing daily lifts and making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for waste management. This high-quality equipment comes with a two-year warranty for parts and labor, and it can be rented for up to 60 months with a lifetime warranty and maintenance. At ROVERPAC, we prioritize reducing environmental impact, one press at a time. The vertical baler is ideal for cardboard, plastic, and other materials, producing bales of over 1000 lbs. With its outstanding safety record, popularity, and exceptional performance, the RVB6030 is an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their waste management practices.

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