RBP45GA 45 Gallon Barrel Press

Barrel Press

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Our barrel press is designed to reduce the volume of 45 GA barrels (6”) in less than 45 sec.

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Transform Your Steel Drum Disposal with ROVERPAC’s RBP45GA Barrel Press – The Fast, Reliable, and Weatherproof Solution

ROVERPAC’s 45 Gallon Barrel Press RBP45GA is a highly efficient machine that can compress 45-gallon steel drums to just 6 inches in under 45 seconds. The barrel press also comes with an integrated retention basin that allows for collecting any remaining liquids at the bottom of the barrels. The barrel press offers a range of motorization systems, including electric, gasoline, and diesel, ensuring that it meets your specific needs. The machine is designed to withstand inclement weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. Additionally, it delivers impressive results and can help you save valuable space on your construction sites. ROVERPAC’s barrel press is of top quality and comes with a 2-year guarantee on parts and labor, ensuring the longevity of your investment. Experience the efficiency and convenience of ROVERPAC’s barrel press today and take your waste management processes to the next level.  

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